male in nest box at night is this common

by max

mated pair building but male sleeps in nest at night is this normal?

Hi Max,

Yes, I think so. During the day does he come out and move around as your other Gouldians do? I'm guessing there aren't any eggs in the nest? Male Gouldians,at least the ones I had,really help their hens with brooding and caring for their eggs and chicks more than other types of birds. It's summer where you are. Right? So, could he be wanting the hen to join him since Gouldians do their mating while in their nest boxes? It is hard to say what is normal for Gouldians. They are so small, but some of them have interesting and unique habits. If he is eating and drinking water as usual and doesn't appear to be ill, I would not worry that anything is wrong with him. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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