male or female ?

by Kathy

I just bought a gouldian finch but I don't know if it's a male. I never have had a white breasted one before so I can't tell. I have not had any for 20 years so I've forgotten a lot. Thank you, Kathy

Hi Kathy,

If you go back to my website and scroll down to photos, you will see only males. The males have a pure, vivid head color, no black feathers mixed in, and the color area is larger than it is on the females. Next look at the abdomen. Males have rich golden tummys. Females will have more of a faded yellow look to their tummys and the area of their head color will be smaller and not as bright. There are usually more black feathers mixed in also with the head colors.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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Nov 11, 2011
Sick hen Gouldian
by: Terry

I have an ill LG who, along with the male, has been nesting but no eggs yet. Yesterday she displayed *every* classic symptom of being egg-bound. I placed her in a hospital cage, touched oil to her vent, put calcivet in her water, added heat and humidity. Today, she seems way better ...eating, tight feathering, peeping and hopping around. But there has been no sign of an egg and I can't figure what exactly is going on here.

My first guess would be that the pair's cage and/or nest box needs to have increased heat. Of all the finches, Gouldians need the most heat. In the wild they do well breeding even when the temperatures are 110 degrees, so the very high 70' or low 80's are needed. I hung ceramic heat lamps, (they are marketed to reptile breeders, (they don't emit any light), in a ceramic base shop light, right on the side of the cage and left it on 24/7 so that there was no temp. drop or change at night. I also covered the top, sides and back to keep the heat in.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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