by Leng

I have never had gouldians but would like to start. I have a cage (130 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm) is that big enough for 6 gouldians.? Would it be better to have two males and 4 females or equal number of the same sex? Pls advise the best ratio and if the cage is big enough for 6 gouldians? Thank you.i am hoping they would breed.

Hi Leng,

I came to feel as though my Gouldians were just like little people. Call me crazy, but I think Gouldians have individual personalities and preferences. They watch everything that we do. They choose their partners for mating and in a perfect world, they actually mate in their nest boxes and both parents work to care for the young. Your cage sounds as though it is a good size for two pairs. The important detail is that the cage be wide or long enough for them to have ample flight space for exercising. A tall and narrow cage should be avoided. My Gouldians spend most of their time in the top 1/3 of their cages.

Best wishes, Jeanie

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