Medication question

by Diane

I am currently treating a LG for a respiratory condition with Baytril. How long should I wait to start this bird on a 1-2 time yearly Scatt protocol?

Hi Diane,

I'm sorry, but I do not know. Can you ask the person who prescribed the Baytril? I am assuming that the respiratory problem that your bird is having is something other than air sac mites, but I am not a veterinarian. I have never used Scatt and I do not know what is in it. I hope another visitor will add a better answer for you. If there was no one else to ask and it was my bird, I think I would wait 3-4 weeks or a month unless the bird is clicking at night. I'd want to see how the Baytrill effected the bird and I would be listening at night for the clicking sounds that Gouldians make if they have air sac mites. I do believe your best bet is to call an avian veterinarian and ask if they will answer your question over the phone. I have gotten good answers that way, I think because they really don't want you to bring the tiny birds in.

Good Luck, Jeanie

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