Most humane way to put down a suffering finch.

by Nancy
(San Diego CA)

Most times I am able to save my sick finches but on a rare occasion they just hang on. Is there a humane way to help them end their suffering? A hard question to ask but I love my birds.

Hi Nancy,
Yes, I think so and thank you for asking the toughest of all question. Ordinary engine starter fluid has enough ether in it to put a finch to sleep peacefully. I prepare by taking a paper towel or napkin outside where I wet part of the napkin with a good amount of the starter fluid. I then place the napkin inside a small plastic bag. Finally, I slowly remove the suffering bird from the bird room and out of sight of the other birds. I then place him in the bag with the starter fluid and find that sleep is immediate. It is a difficult thing to do, but when the end of suffering is the object, somehow it becomes bearable.
Good wishes to you, Jeanie

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