by Perry
(Modesto, Ca.)

During the months of March through May our gouldian goes through a process I can only describe as moulting. He stops singing, his colors become drab, and he loses a lot of down feathers. Overall he just looks raggedy! It has been happening every year for the past 5 years. I'm not too concerned because this seems to be a normal pattern but I was hoping you could tell me if this is normal for his species? Sorry I don't have a picture I'm electronically handicapped.

Hi Perry,

I like that,"electronically handicapped." So am I.

Yes, I think what you describe is normal. You are right. It sounds as though your bird is having his annual molt and getting new feathers.

Since feathers are mainly made of protein, I give my molting birds dry egg food mixed with finely chopped hard boiled eggs, some dark green leafy vegetables and all the spray millet they want during their molts. Whatever you are feeding must be fine if your bird is five years old so I would only try adding little bits of the foods I mentioned if it appeals to you to see what happens.

Thanks for visiting my web site, Jeanie

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