My beautiful bird

by Gisella

This is my beautiful bird that I am looking for a partner for her. She is so cute and delicate, she was my valentines' present from my sweet husband.

Hi Gisella,
Your bird is so pretty and I too think it is a female, I can't be positive because it is possible that your bird is a lilac breast male, unlikely, but possible. Look at the tail feathers. When in breeding plumage, a male will have two very long tapered tail feathers where a female does not and her posture is that of a female. Males can assume a rooster like posture and frequently sort of pump out their chests. Does your bird exhibit any macho behavior? The one thing I am sure of is that your bird is genetically a black head. Her visually yellow back and cream head indicate that she is of a mutation that is unable to produce or use the color black in her feathers.

Good luck, and thanks for the photo, Jeanie

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