my blue young gould falls off perch and flops

by paul
(leamington spa, england)

hi i have a young about 4months old , blue gouldian hen , she just recently has started falling off her perch and flopping about uncontrolably on the bottom of the flight cage, after about a minute, she regains her senses and goes back to normal, flys back up to her perch and eats and drinks as if nothing has happened. She doesn't twist her neck like star gazing.

Is this a disease or a type of epilepsy, any idea of anything I can do about it will help and be really appreciated. Paul

Hi Paul,

I am only speaking from my own personal observations and experiences. I have no experts to verify my observations, but I seriously doubt that your bird is sick, so try not to worry over that possibility. Blue back birds have quite a few mutated genes in order for their backs to appear blue. Those are mutations we can see because we are talking about color, but isn't it possible that some other mutations that are internal or invisible happen too and maybe they are not all for the good health of the bird? Some blue backs are perfectly fine, strong birds, but others aren't. I have found frequently that some blue backs, while they aren't sick, just do not thrive and do well.
Good food, fresh water and being kept warm I believe will give your bird the best life that she is capable of having.

Wishing you well, Jeanie

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