My female Gouldian Finch is chirping incessantly, why?

by Ahsan Khan
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Recently, one of my female Gouldian passed away (May she rest in peace). After the tragic loss, 4 Gouldians remained in the aviary but one of them, who rarely makes a peep is starting to constantly chirp for long periods of time. I am quite paranoid, especially considering recent events, so I was wondering if this is some sign of stress, or grief or something worse. They weren't exactly close to each other but during the last day of the female, she kept hovering over her while she was laying at the bottom of the cage. Now, she just seems very agitated and is flying quite a lot in the aviary. If this is some symptom of something terrible or anything unpleasant and treatable, I would really like to know.

It sounds like stress or grief. I would sit very still near their cage and observe all of the birds behavior for a considerable amount of time, just to see what is going on when they think you aren't paying any attention to them. You could be pretending to read something. They are very aware of everything you do. Could another bird be heckling your chirping bird? Hope this is helpful, Jeanie

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