My female rainbow finch seems to be in destress.

My female rainbow finch is breathing hard and fast,her feathers are ruffled and she is just curled up with no energy...Is she dying? I have a male in same ccage and was hoping they would mate and now I feel as if she is dying. can u help me?

I hope not, but I am not a veterinarian. The first thing to do when a Gouldian looks ill is to give it extra heat. That will decrease the amount of energy that the bird needs just to maintain its normal body temperature. Hopefully that will allow her energy to be used mending what is wrong. I like to use the ceramic heat bulbs that are marketed for reptile owners. Just hang one in a shop light fixture on the side of the cage near her and let me know how she reacts. Is she sitting on the bottom of the cage? Have you seen signs that they have bred? Could she be egg bound? I need more information from you. If you think that is possible, put a drop of vegetable oil on her vent and return her to her cage. Keep her really warm. She will move away from the heat source if it isn't helping her. In an emergency and if it is possible for you, you may always phone me, (410-647-5453). Jeanie

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