My gouldian finch was born 17 days ago...

Hello, my gouldian finches hatch only one egg out of six. They fed it until yesterday. What should I do if they do not keep on feedng it? What type of food should I provide it? Please tell me how do I prepare it´s food. Thanks you for your answer.


Either prepare to hand feed or try to foster the chick. Hand feeding may be your only choice. A good pet store will sell hand feeding formula, but if you can't find that, I would go to for formula and specific tips on equipment and methods. The products this company sell were created by a family that actually raised Gouldians and wonderful show canaries for years and years. I did not hand feed any of my chicks because I always had eager Society finches. If Abba doesn't sell to a pet or bird store near you, they will let you order directly from them. I found they would explain things too about pit falls and how to avoid them with hand feeding. My next idea is to locate the closest bird club to your area, if you can't find just Gouldians, hunt for members of the closest canary club and ask for assistance. Wish I could offer better help. Perhaps some of my readers will add their comments to help you more.

All my Best Wishes, Jeanie

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