My gouldian is leaning on the perch

by Angelin
(Hamilton NJ)

For five days, He is putting all his weight on his right foot, which is missing 3 toes since I got him. He is eating and drinking but not singing or flying, his feathers are fluffed up. I am treating him for four days with sovereign silver, 2 drops in his mouth per day and iverlux, 1 drop on the back of his neck, but I don't know what's wrong. When he is on the perch he pulls up his left foot. His feet are red. He is with his mate and 2 offspring. Before he showed this symptom I took their water away to clean the bottle and I forgot to replace it in the cage for 8 hours. The rest of the birds are fine but I am treating all of them with iverlux (air sac mites/ scaly face) just in case.

I place a box nest inside so he can rest on top of it but he is not using it, prefers to lean on the perch. I keep them extra warm to help him out.

Please let me know if I can do something else to save him.

Dear Angelin,

Do not blame yourself. I feel confident telling you that the hours without water had nothing to do with your bird's current problem. There is no connection whatsoever. I think it is a good sign that your bird is able and wants to stay on a perch and that you are keeping him warm. I would leave the nest box in, as you say, just in case. I would not worry about mites at this time and I know nothing about the silver medication that you mentioned you are using. do you think they are helping?

What are you using for nesting material? Would it be possible, without stressing the bird too much, to examine his feet more closely? Most foot problems in my experience have been due to injuries.

I wish I could be more help, Jeanie

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