my gouldian laid egg last august 17, 2010

my gouldian laid egg last august 17, 2010 but until now august 26, 2010 they didn't incubate their eggs.

is it possible that the hen still laying eggs and can reach upto 10 eggs?

Please advise.

Gouldian hens will lay one egg each morning. When they stop laying one each morning, it means that they have a full clutch. How many eggs are in the nest? I doubt that there are nine eggs, but I have heard of that happening. If you can, open the nest box, take a small pen light flashlight and shine it through the eggs' shells. If you see tiny red veins inside, the eggs have viable embryos. If there are no veins and the contents appear drab or only half full, they are not developing and should be removed from the nest. Once the eggs are removed the pair may try again to breed. Hope this helps!

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