My gouldians look sick

My proven pair look sick they are itching a lot (but no mites are found in the cage)their feathers look faded and a little ruffled, but they are not sitting on the bottom of the cage, they do eat and drink, the female's feathers look like she has took a bath but they are not wet. My other pair are making a nest and staying in the box at different times and doing fine. I'am very concerned about my sick pair


If you think they have external mites you can put them in a paper bag that has Pyrethrin powder in it. You don't have to shake the bag. The birds will flap their wings and spread the powder on themselves. I cannot diagnose your birds' ailment. I am not telling you to do this. You know what is going on with your birds better than I do. Are you feeding them a seed mix that is marketed for Gouldians, Australian finches and/or canaries? Gouldians need some seeds that are high in oil content. Are they warm enough? The first thing to do when a Gouldian is feeling or acting is to give them extra heat. Then they can conserve energy and use that for repairing themselves instead of working so hard to keep their body temperature up. Good Luck, I hope this is helpful,

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