My Lady Gouldian has a crooked neck

by Linda
(Macomb, IL)

I am taking care of a female lady gouldian finch. And she can't straighten her neck. She can't sit on a perch, but is eating and drinking just fine. What has caused this and is there anything I can do for her? I work in a pet store and only have seen this 1 other time. The other finch only lived about 3 weeks, and it wasn't born that way.

Hi Linda,

What you described sounds like a condition known as Star Gazing or Twirlling. There is no known cure or cause although some think it is a genetic defect. This condition is known to happen particularly with Gouldian finches. About the only thing that can be done is to try to keep the bird comfortable. I have been told that an inner ear infection is the cause and I have treated birds for that. They showed no improvement. I have also been told that it is caused by an absence of some trace minerals in their diet such as Manganese and Iodine. I increased the availability of those trace elements and the birds showed no improvement.

If any readers have more solutions to suggest, I hope they will comment. I hate not being able to help these suffering birds, but so far I have been unable to get a positive response from any Gouldian with this ailment.

Wish I could offer you more hope, Jeanie

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