my male is calm

Hi and thank you for this wonderful site.

My male gouldian is very calm, doesn't move a lot, never took a shower, when i bring a female with him he starts moving but still not enough, both never take showers. Is there any problem with that?
Thank you so much.


If your pair are not doing things that you think or want them to do, There are some changes you could consider making. A specific, complete and varied diet is critical for their health and activity level. Living in the correct temperature and getting the necessary amount of full spectrum or daylight hours will also affect their behavior and breeding ability. Most Gouldians have never really made the complete transition to becomine fully domesticated or pet birds, such as parakeets. I try to duplicate an Australian spring like environment when I want to get the birds started breeding. If breeding is not your goal and you just want them to be more active, I would suggest getting a few Society finches. The gouldians don't have to be in the same cage, but they can. The birds have to be able to see and watch each others behavior. Society finches are much more daring when it comes to trying out new things. They are sometimes referred to as teacher birds. Gouldians will resist trying out new activities for a much longer period of time. The idea is that Societies will try new things, like bathing and new foods, much faster than Gouldians will. I hope this helps.

Thank your for your appreciation of my website. When I started caring for Gouldians, I found no place to go for experienced and tested information. Trial and error learning was a long hard road. That is why I took a full year off to research and write my e-Book. Thank you again and keep your questions coming.
Best Wishes, Jeanie

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