My new friends!

by Ellina

My mother had a canary and he tragically drowned in the bath few days ago.

So my husband bought these beautiful finches for my mother to comfort her.
And here we are! Happy owners of stunning finches!

Your birds are gorgeous and your husband is so kind to buy the birds for your mother. From their pictures they look to be two males so you will have two beautiful singers. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to try to answer them. I hope your mother enjoys their curious friendliness. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Dec 29, 2013
by: Ellina

Hello Jeanie!
I have few questions i will be happy if you could answer.
Why my finches dont take bath? They have a bath in the cage with white bottom and green roof you know special bird bath, but they dont go in!
And why they almost never go out of the cage? When they do go out, they just go crazy and bang in the walls and windows! Will it be better? Is it just because they are not familliar with environment?
Will be glad to hear from you! Thank you!

Hi Ellina,

Gouldians are not safe when they are allowed to fly freely outside of their aviary or cage. Chances are good that they will have a tragic end if allowed to fly freely anywhere near windows. These birds are too fragile and as you wrote they fly very fast and crash around.
My birds loved to take baths in shallow open containers. A low dish with about an inch of water in it and no top might be more appealing than a covered container. If they have never bathed before, they may take their time learning to bathe. I just kept offering mine a dish of water and eventually they did find they liked bathing. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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