Neglected Goulian

by Peter
(South Africa)

I saved a Goulian from being neglected by its owner and placed it in an indoor set up with alot of flying space, but I notice as a result of being kept in a small cage it cannot fly. Will it be able to fly again? and how long will it take?

Hi Peter,

That is a wonderful thing that you did, not many mistreated Gouldians get second chances to be loved, safe and comfortable.

I cannot say that your bird will or will not be able to fly again. Gouldians are just like people. When something bad happens to a person, like a broken leg, we have to care for that person, give them lots of good food, keep them warm and then all we can do is wait and see how they recover.

For several years, I had a yellow back Gouldian who could not fly. I made sure she was always warm and then I lowered her perches so that if she could hop, they would be there for her. Next, I lowered everything she would need in her cage. I even lowered a nestbox and gave her a male for company. They raised at least ten youngsters the first year they were together.

I do not give advice, but I will tell you what I would do to help a bird, like you have, to recover as much as possible. I would have put a society finch or two in with the lone Gouldian if she had not liked her male companion. Society finches, you may know, are almost always sweet caring birds and are often called "teacher birds" because they will try new things faster than a Gouldian will. For example, a mistreated Gouldian may not know what to do with a container of bath water, the curious society finches will fly down and start splashing around. At the very least, that Gouldian would not be alone and will have cheerful companions. Hopefully they will be able to teach her to try to fly and exercise.

Thank you for visiting my web site and good luck. You are my hero!!! Jeanie

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