nesting material

by Mary
(Phoenix, Az)

Hello, my name is Mary. My gouldian finches don't take any nesting material into their nest. If I put some in myself, they take them out leaving the nest with no material. First clutch of them weren't successful. They never slept on them during the night only slept during the day. Now they're laying their second clutch, today I saw the second egg in their nest. I don't know what to do to get chicks from them. Is it ok about not having nest material? Is it ok that they don't want nesting material? What was the reason of not having hatched eggs? Was it because they had no experience or for some reason they're stressed out? When I bought them the seller said the male was 6 months and female a year old. I have had them about 9 months, so I think they're ok to breed. Thank you for your advice!!

Hi Mary,

It sounds as though not having an actual rounded cushioning nest to cradle the eggs was a real stressor for your birds. In the wild, Gouldians both breed and lay eggs inside of hollows in tree limbs where it is naturally kind of soft and nest shaped. They don't really build nests the way other birds do, so we have to do most of the building for them. My favorite nesting material is coconut fibers. They come as long smooth bunches of strands. I will take a bunch of the fibers and wrap them round my hand and then stuff them inside the nest box. The nest looks sort of like a hammock after I have spread the fibers out to cover the floor. I leave a few strands on the cage floor for the male to carry into the nest.

I hope this makes things better for you and your pair. Jeanie

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Aug 09, 2011
by: assaf al tae

help me pl z i have 2 shaft tail finch

Hi Assaf,

I have read that shaft tails use a large quantity of nesting material and build elaborate entrances to their nest boxes. They like long pieces of grasses, 8" lenghts.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

Jul 27, 2011
nesting material
by: Anonymous

Hi Jeanie, this is Mary from Phx, AZ. As I told in last question that I post for you, even if I put nesting material into the nest they take them out leaving the nest with no material. I put every material that I gave to my zebra finches for them too, but they don't want them. I'm giving up on them, so I'm going to leave them alone. For some reason they get stressed real quick. They're in my other room which there is no traffic, even my dogs don't go there unless I'm changing the bird's water or food and it won't take more then few minutes. Recently I gave them some coconut fiber. They have two eggs only. Two days ago when I was changing their water I saw one egg on the cage floor. I put that back into the nest, but again after few minutes there was another one. I wanted to put that back too but it was stuck and got broken. So as I said before I'm gaving up on them and going to leave them alone. I don't think there is anything that I can do to change them anymore. By the way, they don't seat on their eggs anymore. Thank you!

Thanks for the update Mary. The only other thought I can offer is to foster the eggs as soon as they are layed. Good idea to let them rest now. Better luck next time. Jeanie

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