by Jan McCarn
(Matthews, NC)

I have two pairs and two nesting boxes. A total of 12 eggs. I provide nesting material and it seems the females continue to try to carry nesting material to the nest. The males come behind them and pull out all the nesting material leaving the eggs in the bottom of the cage. How can I stop the males from doing this and why do they continue? I have lost multiple eggs because of this behavior.

Thank you for your help!


Hi Jan,

I don't know why your birds are doing that. Sounds like they don't like the nesting material. What kind of nesting material are you using? I had great success with the packaged coconut fibers. I would take a hand full and wrap the stiff, slippery fibers around my hand sort of making a thick hammock shape and then put that in the nest box. I'd spread it out a bit so that the eggs could not roll out of the center. Then I'd put a few strands in the cage so that the male, (usually), could carry them into the nest. In the wild Gouldians nest in tree limb hollows and they really don't need to build much of a nest in them. Thin stringy nest material is often a bad choice for Gouldians. The birds can get their feet tangled in them. I have seen the alphalfa that is sold as rabbit food used also.
Hope this is helpful, Jeanie

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