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I have a flight with zebras and Java Rice birds in one side and Shafttails and Lavenders in the other side. A friend just gave me a Gould male who lost his mate. Can he go into the flight? If so, which group is preferred?


Hi Deb,

Most often zebras and javas can be kept with Gouldians, but a lot depends on their individual temperments. I would watch them all for quite a while before I felt they were safe together especially if the Gouldian is to stay a lone Gouldian. I don't know anything about shafttails. I do believe that Lavenders are compatible, but not when they are breeding. I would try to find a second Gouldian, the same sex is fine, just a companion of his own kind and I would go with the zebras and the javas.

Good luck, Jeanie

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Feb 28, 2012
Mixing birds
by: Julio

I have a flock of zebras and black cheek, I added a pair of Manikins, these last ones behaved well with the other finches in the beginning.
Manikins started to take over a nest and at some point these became part of the clutch. 2 adults manikins were in the same nest with other 3 zebras.
At that time I did have another cage to separate those manikins but everything look well so I kept it like that.
The cock zebra died along with the chicks. I bet these manikins were begging for food as well and father zebra died of exhaustion!
I'm working most part of the day and I did not pay attention to it.
So bottom line. Keep your finches separated specially in breeding season.


Very good advice. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Jeanie

Nov 17, 2011
New Addition
by: Anonymous

My flight cage has a shaft tail pair, zebras, a variety of Gouldians, Star finches, Red headed parrots, sea green parrots, and even a lessor finch. They all get along quite well but there is a lot of area and a lot of cover.

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