Newly hatched babies found dead

by Pauline
(Coquitlam BC Canada)

I have a pair. the female is about 11 months new mom

The male bought from a breeder apparantly experienced dad. Ok they laid many eggs in my 55 ft aviary. Never incubated. Then they were laying them in a hanging plant. I put a few in a bamboo nest and they started uncubating. They hatched 10 days ago . On day 7 found a dead one un the water dish and today a dead one on the floor. There are still babies I can hear them. I don't know how many. My other pair successfully raised a clutch. I don't want to inspect the nest. Do you think they will continue to kill them or what could the problem be.
Thank you
The female is far right and male colurful one

Hi Pauline,
Gouldians have a reputation for sometimes tossing their young out and away from their nest. I have never found a reason given for this. In my experience, if a pair tosses out chicks once, they would repeat the behavior with future young. When this happened with my birds, I fostered future eggs with society finches. As far as I know there is no solution for this, but I do know it is not terribly unusual and it is not your fault. I think I would try moving the pair to a single pair cage with a nest box with coconut fibers placed inside, (making a hammock inside the box). I would also try to lessen any stressors that may be upsetting or frightening them by covering most of their cage Wish I had a more helpful suggestion.
Best Wishes, Jeanie

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