no feathers on head of bird

by pamela
(Ipswich Qld Australia)

I have 2 gouldians, in different cages, with no feathers on their heads. The 2nd one appeared to be losing its feathers from when we first bought it. I am unsure why they have no feathers or what to do to help them? Can you please help?

Hi Pamela,

Some Gouldians, I have seen, for no apparent reason have trouble maintaining head feathers. The research I've done suggests there is a dietary deficiency. While it never worked with any of my birds suffering the same problem, the lack of enough Iodine is often thought to be the cause. I kept cuttlebone, a mineral block and mineralized oyster shell grit in all of my birds cages. I even gave them supplemental Iodine in their water to no avail. A few got head feathers with their next molt, but must of the suffering ones pretty much stayed that way. Since feathers are made up of mostly protein, I offered extra egg food too, but I rarely noticed any improvement. I hope some of my readers who have had better success than I will send you their stories and better ideas. I hate to not be more encouraging.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Aug 14, 2013
Stuck Molt
by: Anonymous

Make the diet and the cage as close to their natural environment and you will get all the feather back. The basic idea is to induce a molt and the feathers will recover. Check out some molting diets and set the light and temperature conditions to when the Goulds molt. This has worked consistently for me. Typical reason for feather loss on the head is incomplete/stuck molt.

Thanks so much. Makes good sense to me. Jeanie

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