number of egg's

by Daniel
(Toronto Canada)

Hello there. I have a nice pair of gouldians. They are about 2 yr's old. Second time they lay about 9-11 egg's and hen do not sit them. Is any thing you know about this?

Thank you

Hi Daniel,

I have heard of this happening, but I have had no first hand experience. If these were my birds, the first thing I would do would be to review their diet. I think it is possible that the cause may be too much of good things. There are vitamins and minerals and hundreds of supplements that are advertised to improve a finch's productivity. My bird's were very productive when fed; a variety of seeds, hardboiled eggs and fresh green vegetables or sprouted seeds and a mineralized grit made of oyster shells. This is my best guess at answering your question. I hope another reader knows something I don't and will add a comment. Now....

What to do about it. I would take the eggs away from the parents and foster them to society finches. Probably not what you want to hear, but if the parents won't set on the eggs, it doesn't matter how many they lay. I would experiment by transfering the eggs after five have been layed. See what your Gouldians will do next. Will they keep laying? Will they brood if there aren't so many eggs? Are their eggs even fertile? Ten days after the first egg was laid I would candle them with a little penlite flashlight. The society finches won't mind a brief intrusion intotheir nest. If there are no visible bright red blood vessels inside the shells the eggs are not viable.

I really hope this helps you, Jeanie

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