Numbers of male and female gouldians in a cage

I purchased four gouldians very recently to put in a cage together the size being 77cms by 45cms by 45 cms. I bought these from a breeder who is very well known and judges at bird shows and who has been keeping exotic birds for many years and who has won lots of awards. I was persuaded to buy two pairs, but although I am a complete novice so far as gouldians are concerned, I think that I have 3 cock birds and 1 hen. I am absolutely convinced about one male and one female but the other two appear both the same.

They are orange headed gouldians with the usual blue collar and yellow breasts. Should there be a difference between the two and is it OK if I am right to keep these 4 birds together.
Hope this reaches you and thanks in advance for your help.

John Pattinson

Hi John,

If the birds are getting along and no one is picking on anyone sure they can stay together. Gouldians are often referred to as "flock" birds because they like to be with other Gouldians.

As to the sexes, can you take a very close look at the yellow tummy feathers? Have the birds close to each other when you check. The female will have just a hint of being a faded yellow and the male will be a richer, more vibrant yellow. Females often have fewer orange colored feathers on their heads and there are often black feathers mixed in at the edges of the orange. The colored area on the head of the female is usually smaller also.
I hope this helps, Jeanie

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