Only male brooding

by Ray
(Deefield, IL USA)

The male in my breeding pair of Normal Gouldians seems to be doing all brooding. The hen has a very casual approach. She makes short visit to the nest but never really spends much time. The male sometimes skips a whole night of brooding. Should we abandon and start over again or can this still result in a successful clutch?

Appreciate you advise.

Hi Ray,

If neither bird stays in the nest box at night, I would be concerned, but rather than guess, when I had similar worries, I would wait ten days after the first egg was laid and I would get my little pen light flashlight out and candle the eggs. If all is well, the contents in the eggs will reveal lots of tiny red blood vessels. If I can't see any blood vessels, I will then toss the eggs and let them start over. Hope this helps, Jeanie

Regards, Ray

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