only one egg hatched yesterday (3-16-11) two eggs left have not hatched

by Lisa


My Gouldians have 3 eggs and one hatched yesterday morning, so far today the other two have not hatched, my concern is they won't take care of the baby that has hatched. I did read that they start to feed them after the second day, the male seems to be in there all the time and the female is just peeping constantly outside of the nest. I have read somewhere that if they only have one then they usually wont take care of it, but if the other two don't hatch soon then I'm assuming they are not fertile but the male is brooding them, he seems to be somewhat of a nest hog, I'm not sure why.
I'm not sure why they did not all hatch on the same day.
Tomorrow morning it will be 48 hours since the one egg hatched so I'm praying they start feeding him, I don't have foster parents.
Any information will be helpful, I pray they start feeding the little guy!!


I am sorry there are complications with your bird family. Do you have a little pen light flashlight? Any little light that you can hold close, almost touching, to the two remaining eggs will do. We want to know what the inside of those eggs look like. If they aren't viable and I doubt that they are, I am hoping that if you remove them, the male will start to feed the one chick. I think I would take the eggs away from the nest tomorrow and try keeping them warm by making a little nest to set on a heating pad set to low, just in case they are going to hatch. There really is nothing else to do unless you want to try to hand feed the chick. You could ask at your pet store, for the name of someone who does hand feed baby birds and maybe get some help, but that's a real long shot. I wish I could offer more assistance, but there is nothing else I know of to suggest. What temperature do the pair live in? You are right, most often the pair won't support just one chick, but you never know. Your male seems to want those other two eggs to hatch so I hope he'll be willing to care for your one chick even if the others don't hatch. On the bright side, it's good news that your birds did have a chick so you know they can and will breed successfully. Are the parents getting full spectrum light for fourteen to fifteen hours a day? Is it possible to increase the humidity near the birds? I wish I could be more helpful. Jeanie

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