Over eating

by Terry Wallace
(Sacramento CA)

A yellow Gouldian has been eating at an extraordinary rate lately and this morning whe was on the indoor aviary floor and it appeared her toes were curled up. this is a bird who *never* leaves the perch. I was easily able to pick her up and tho she bit lick heck, she did not appear overly strong.

I put her in my hospital cage with batril in the water. Within a couple of hours she was perching again and seemed quite normal..tho still eating at an impressive rate. I have heard over eating is a bad sign. What do you think is going on?

Hi Terry,

I would take another look at your bird's toenails just to be sure they don't need trimming. My birds would clench up their toes whenever I picked one up.

Don't think I was ever aware that I had a bird that was overeating. Gouldians need to eat one third of their body weight daily because they have such a high metabolic rate. Of all the finches, Gouldians need the warmest environments. Summers in Australia can see temperatures up to and above 110 degrees. I think I would try to create a warm spot in my aviary,(the ceramic heat lamps that are marketed to reptile owners worked for me), so that if a bird needs additional warmth they can find it.

I wish I knew more about over eating and could be more helpful. I hope another reader will add a comment for you on this subject.

Thanks for visiting my site. Jeanie

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