Pair of Gouldians staying in nest box too much w/ no breeding

by stephanie
(Covington, La.)

I have a pair of Gouldians approx. 1 yr old. I've been trying to encourage them to eat kale, parsley, lima beans, grated carrots, broccolli tips, hard boil egg etc. without success.

They only eat the seed. They've been spending most of their time in the box w/ no mating or eggs for over a month now.

I may not of had enough seed available so are they conserving their energy by staying inactive? They look healthy.

Hi Stephanie,

My birds never ate those vegetables either. Romaine lettuce, chickweed, a bit of spinach, collard greens and sprouted seeds worked for me.

Google "sprouted seed for birds" and if you decide to do that, be sure to follow the directions exactly because the seeds can turn sour if they aren't rinsed with an agent to kill the existing bacteria on them.

Romaine is a great favorite and easy. A bird shop should have dried egg food available. I used CeDe egg food, but there are others.

I would boil eggs for 20 minutes, chop them up very finely and mix them with the dry egg food.

Stores sell egg food biscuits, but those did not appeal to my Goulds.

You can freeze egg food so you don't have to make if fresh every day. Give the greens and egg food to them as early in the morning as you can.

Sterilize the wet egg shells in a microwave for 2-3 minutes. They can be crushed and either added to the egg food or served separately.

Gouldians actually only breed in their nest boxes so it's a good sign if they are using it.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope this helps and changes things for you and your pair. Jeanie


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