photo of gouldian with long nails

Beautiful birds needing a nail trimming.

Beautiful birds needing a nail trimming.

Is this a photo of a Gouldian with long nails or is it just the way it's hanging onto the nest door entrance, which does not have a rounded grip for the bird?

Beautiful birds!
It is a Gouldian with long nails that need to be trimmed, but there is more to see and learn here. The perch that the red head, dilute is sitting on as well as the opening to the box are much too fat for a Gouldians tiny feet to grip. He can't get his feet any where near around that perch. This has no doubt contributed to the elongated nails and the fact that they have not been able to curl naturally. Gouldians belong in a group that are frequently referred to as, "perch birds." If I am not mistaken, these birds have the ability to lock their toes in a grip so they can sleep standing on a perch. This is a great teaching photo!!! Your birds are the picture of perfect health. Thank you for contributing.
I hope it will help others. Jeanie


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