Plain Jane. I have a Gouldian that is the same color as when she was born.

I have a one year old Gouldian hen that is the same color as when she was born. I'm sure she has molted,but she is the same color green and slight yellow. No black on her head. Dull colors on her breast.Is this a standard color scheme?

No, not to my knowledge. What color is her head and her breast? I have read about a group of Gouldians called, "the rare mutations." The choice of the word, "rare," is used to convey that these Gouldian mutations are not well established. They are usually found only in one location in the world and in small numbers. Some of these may become established mutations over time, but some are so oddly colored that they are considered to be freaks of nature. The rare mutations that I have seen mostly in photographs include, pied, melanistic, dark greens, pastels, clear wings, cinnamons, Japanese red eyes, blue breasts, sea greens, Australian blues and yellows, and lilac breasts. I did own several Gouldians that had thin lines of red feathers separating their breast feathers and their abdominal feathers. There are also more mutations that are called, "modifications of mutations." The most unique mutations to me are called, "half siders" and gynandromorphs." If you Google for them you will see photos and more information. They are fascinating. My readers and I would really enjoy seeing a photo of your bird, but I know that is not always possible.

Thanks so much, Jeanie


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