Plastic Foliage for indoor aviary

by Mary Ann
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Do you have suggestions as to what type plastic foliage would not be toxic for Finches?

Where to buy?

Hi Mary Ann,

I get mine at various craft stores or even at dollar stores. Places that sell sewing supplies or large hobby shops.

In Maryland there is a chain of stores called Micheal's. They are very big on all the holiday decorations.

I like the long garlands of plastic leaves that I can drape around the cage. I have not seen any of my birds try to eat or even nibble on the plastic flowers or leaves.

Gouldians are not known to be very destructive birds. I just look closely at anything that I put in the bird cages and try to imagine what harm there could be.

I do avoid the fabric fake flowers. I have seen how the birds will fray those. I want to avoid things that the birds can get a toenail caught in.

Hope this helps, Jeanie


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