Pulling out nesting boxes ...in South Florida

by Angela
(Lake Worth, FL)

I live in South Florida. I want my finches to stop breeding and finish with their fledges before we get a temp drop here in South Fl. I am trying to keep them to one clutch per summer but they sneek into an empty nest box and start all over. I enjoy the extra babies but do not want the parents to get stressed and my aviary is outside. I have to put in heaters during the colder months that get into the 50's. I supplement their diet with everything possible. I just do not want to have my birds over bred and live a shorter life. When should I pull out all the nest boxes?

Hi Angela,

Pull out the nest boxes at the same time you remove the fledglings to a separate cage or when the young no longer return to the nest boxes at night. I usually let my Gouldians have three clutches before removing the nest boxes and shortening their number of daylight hours. That is the amount of time I allow for their breeding season. After that I start to decrease serving the eggfood and greens. I no longer give those foods everyday until I see that the birds are starting to molt. Gouldians actually do their mating inside their nest boxes and it's fine to stop them whenever you decide to. Just remove the boxes. Perhaps your hen will lay more eggs, sort of like chickens do, but they won't be fertile and that is alright. If I remember correctly, it seems that my birds would do things in about twenty-one day intervals. They would lay the first egg and twenty-one days later the chicks would hatch and twenty-one days after that the chicks would start fledging. I would then wait another 21 days before separating juveniles from parent so that I was sure that the chicks didn't need to continue parent feeding. This is just what worked for me. I hope I have answered your question.

Thanks for visiting my web site, Jeanie

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