by Jeanie

Last week I received a great question. I gave it a lot of time and just when I intended to load it to this spot, I hit some key and I erased everything.

I hope the reader who sent the question will see this. The question was how to set up a cage that will be good for Gouldians.

There may be better ways, but I will tell you what I did. The cage must have as much horizontal flight space as is possible. My cages were a minimum of 30" long with a multi-branched manzanita perch at each end. My Gouldians seemed to like being able to hop around each other and sit in a cluster with together. The varying branch diameters, I think, are good for their feet too. Toys were never a big hit, so I gave my birds a mirror and that was all. My Gouldians liked to fly, socialize with each other, watch me or whatever else was going on outside their cage and eat. Different veggies, lots of spray millet and sterilized chicken egg shell were their toys. I read that Gouldians will eat at least one third their entire body weight each day. That takes a lot of time. They like to take baths too, so I gave them bowls of water to hop about in, (not deep enough for drowning). I would hang a cup of mineralized oyster shell grit and a cuttlebone on the back of their cage along with their millet sprays. Gouldians do well also in box cages. Usually they are made of wood or metal, like a puppet theater, only the front of the cage is wire. The top, sides and back are solid. This cuts down a danger of drafts and the birds have only one side to look out of. They know that danger can only befall them from the open side. I covered my wire cages with fabric and made them sort of box cages and I think it enabled them to be more relaxed.
Hope this is read by the question author and I hope this is helpful. If I don't answer a question, please send it again. Computers aren't my thing, Thanks, Jeanie

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