re baldness in gouldians

by Les

Hi my name is les and i have just started keeping gouldian finches,i bought some from a friend of mine who has kept them for over 40 years,when i bought them as youngsters they were all in good condition, now i find i have one that is going bald, i have asked people if they know why this is and no one seems to know,i was just wondering if you have any idea what causes this and if so could you advise me how to treat this bird?. I look forward to hearing back from you. many thanks for taking time to read this,

Regards Les,
from the UK.

Hi Les,

Baldness is frequently a problem with Gouldians. I have read and been told that it is almost always caused by a nutritional deficiency with the main culprit being Iodine. I keep a dish of mineralized oyster shell grit in all my Gouldians' cages, but I cannot tell you that none of my birds ever had baldness problems. Another thought to consider, since feathers are almost completely made of protein, would be to be sure that egg food is available each day.

If it is at all possible, I would go back to the friend breeder from whom you got the bird and pick his brain for details about how, when and what he feeds his birds.

Last of all is to consider mites. Pyrethrin in a paper bag is the best treatment I know for this problem. Just put the bird in a bag with pyrethrin in it. Don't shake it. The bird will be fluffing around in the bag on his own, enough to dust himself.

Good Luck, Jeanie

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Apr 05, 2012
Baldness in Gouldians
by: Beth

Hello! Just read previous comments about Gouldian baldness. I had a situation where my parents Gouldians raised to clutches, and we had all the birds together in one cage. After a few months all of them were going bald at the same time. I read everything I could find about the problem and decided iodine deficiency must be the culprit. I had given one of the young sibling Gouldians to a friend before I read about adding iodine, so I told my friend what I'd read and she added the iodine to the bird's diet. After several more weeks, even a few months, of iodine I still was seeing no improvement whatsoever. I called my friend and she told me her bird's head feathers had all returned! She just assumed it was because she'd added iodine! I did some thorough searching on the internet and found one person who suggested that if females and males are all kept together, they sometimes have a problem with all the hormones produced by being in mixed company, and do not have what it takes to be able to both molt and send out sex hormones. He suggested separating the males from the females for their recovery. I did so, and all my birds got their head feathers back right away, except one!! I don't know what her problem!

Hi Beth,

Thanks so much for your contribution!!! That makes perfect sense to me too. Jeanie

Mar 09, 2012
reply @ balding
by: dhiman

i agree 100% with what jeane have suggested and still if some one does a treatment with iodine that would be better.

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Jeanie

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