recommended food for Lady Gouldian Finches

by Cheryl
(Harvey, North Dakota)

I am overwhelmed by the wide variety of finch foods available on the market. Could you please let me know the exact kind of food that you recommend, and where is the best place to purchase it from. I am going to be a "new" breeder, and planning on purchasing 6 Gouldian Finches. This is a new venture for me, and I want to do everything right and I value your experience and advice. Please assist me in getting the right food, nutrients, oyster shells, and even what type of nesting boxes would be the best. Thank you so much!!!!!!! - Cheryl in North Dakota

Hello Cheryl,
Please accept my apology for not responding to your questions appropriately. The responses from my web site and an illness had completely overwhelmed me completely. I am only now beginning to catch up. I hope you have found other sources for answers to your questions by now. Most sincerely, Jeanie

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