Redhead & black head finches

I have two male redheads, one is a green back and the other is a yellow back. I also have a black head, green back female all in the same cage. Will they breed if I put a nest in the cage? Should I have not mixed the black and red heads in the same cage?

Thank you

Hi Ruth,

It is fine to have a red head and a black head breed.

If there is no aggressive behavior going on, keeping your three birds in the same cage is fine. If you want them to breed, watch and see which one of the males becomes successful in wooing the female.

Then give them a cage of their own and a nest box.

In order for them to start and succeed with a breeding and rearing cycle specific environmental changes have to occur.

Just putting a nest in their cage won't lead to breeding success.

Your hen may lay eggs, but diet, temperature, and number of day light hours are all major factors and need to be set up specifically to stimulate the beginning of a breeding cycle and to lead a pair safely through from breeding to having healthy fledglings down the road.

As to your question about a nest, I can't say for sure, but I suspect that might cause some rivalry between your red head males. That male rivalry may happen naturally as time goes on even without a nest.

If that happens, the two birds that do pair will need to be in a separate cage and there will be one lonely male left out.
Hope this helps, Jeanie

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