RH YB WB gorgeous Gouldian female

by terry wallace
(sacramento CA)

This bird, when in my large outdoor aviary (16 other finches...all types) becomes lethargic, puffy and inactive. So when I capture her and put her in a "brooder" she instantly perks up, sings, eats like mad, tightens feathers and appears that nothing is wrong. But back into the flight cage the same thing happens. No bird harrasses her, she has plenty of her own space and perch, and I see no reason for her discomfort. Do some birds, in fact, prefer the confines of smaller more intiamte settings?

Hi Terry,

My first thought would be to monitor the temperature in the outside aviary. There should not be any sudden or large changes in the temperatures that Gouldians live in. 70 - 78 degrees is ideal. I know there are Gouldians that will live in lower temperatures, but you may have one that needs to be kept warmer. If you put up a heat source and your hen sits close to it routinely you'll know if that's the trouble.

Yes, my second thought is that perhaps your hen is overwhelmed or fearful in such a large open aviary. Gouldians do very well in box cages where only one side is made of wire. Some are skitish and can only relax when they only have to fear an attack from one direction.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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