sex lady gouldian

by enrique
(salinas ca ,,,usa)

tho days ago i buy 3 gould very activet luks very good but one star to sad like a bol wat i have to du give medisen or give apropiate temperatures i have temperatures of 70 grees for day and 48 for nights tank you

Hi Enrique,

Yes, I would increase the temperature around their cage to the hi 70 or low 80's. There is a ceramic heat lamp that is marketed for reptile owners, because it is ceramic it does not light up, it just heats their cage. I screw them into the round aluminum shop light shades with the ceramic bases that aren't too expensive. I usually cover the other sides of the birds' cage to keep the heat in too. I always try to keep the temperature the same for each 24 hours. I don't think that Gouldians will do well when they are exposed to large temperature changes over a days' time. Hope this is helpful, Jeanie

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Oct 29, 2013
sex lady gouldian
by: enrique lara

quiero saber de tus gouldians enrique de salinas ca pues yo vivo en salinas tambien y me interesaria conoserte ..grasias....adios

Please translate to English for me to post. Thank you, Jeanie

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