sick finches male and female

by Ange

Hi there i have two sick gouldian finches that have been on antibiotics for 3 months and now are off but still are having breathing problems, they are eating and drinking although they don't sing or want to come out of the cage at all.

We got the birds tying to save them from a cat!!!!!!.
Air sac lice was treated for 8 weeks ago but no help.

We have little money and vet wanted $250 to send tests off.

My question are they SUFFERING? they seem to look as if they are sneezing too. We have given them more expensive food and they love millet. I also have put probiotics in the water.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, as i write this the female is making a strange noise

I just received your question. I would have answered sooner if I had been notified. Sorry, something must be wrong with my web site. Can you listen at night when all the birds are quiet. Put your ear close to the cage and listen for a clicking sound as they breathe. That is how I diagnose air sac mites or not. If you hear a clicking sound, your birds have air sac mites. Ivermectin is the drug that I prefer. It must be used twice, once and then again 14 days later and it must be used on all the birds that share the same air. Talking to an avian veterinarian hopefully will get you the medication, the right dosing and directions for application or maybe you can find it on line. Actually taking Gouldians to a veterinarian was never a positive experience for either me or the bird. All of the Avian vets. that I ever dealt with knew about big birds, but nothing about Gouldians. So, ask before you go if they treat finches. Yes, they love millet. I know some breeders think it's a treat and do not give it at will to their birds. Mine always had it hanging in their cages. I think air sac mites are uncomfortable for our birds, but I can't say if they are suffering. Give your birds a quiet restful place in their cage and make it extra warm for them. If they need the increased heat, they will sit near it.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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