Sick gouldian finch

by Molly Richards

He is very tired, slept all day, never came out. Felt cold, has a cloudy eye and has trouble walking. His feathers droop down by his sides and aren't held up. I'm keeping him warm in a blanket and giving him fluids, please help.

Hi Molly,

I am very sorry. Somethings just can't be fixed. You are already doing all the things that I would know to try. I would try to find a source of extra heat to put near him, like a light bulb or a ceramic heat lamp, the ones that are marketed for reptile keepers. It's times like this, I wish I were an avian veterinarian, but I am not and sometimes even doctors are helpless.
Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Jul 24, 2015
What youre bird has is Canker
by: Jack Z

Hi, sorry to hear your birds are sick. So were mine and i was devestated. I lost about 10 goulds from canker before i identified it and gave them treatment. First thing is separate them into quarantine. Next go to your pet store or online and buy asap RONIVET 12%, make a batch 4x the dose and replace that as the drinking water. If your bird is too weak, use an eyedropper to administ

Joe C.

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