Single pair vs. colony breeding?

by Bernie
(Encino, CA.)

Hello! I am very inexperienced with lady gouldians. I just bought 3 males and 3 females about a month ago. Two have already paired up. I want to breed them and my question is, which one is better single pair OR Colony type breeding? Thank you.

Hi Bernie,

It really is a choice that you must make. I had better luck pair breeding. I know people who have colonies and they have good outcomes. When I tried colony breeding everything got mixed up. The pairs were invading others' nests and abandoning eggs in some of the boxes. I just liked the simplicity of pair breeding. I liked being able to know who the parents were and I liked knowing they were all happy and nobody was fooling around, but that's just me.

Good Luck, Jeanie

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Feb 22, 2016
Pair breeding
by: Sovranos Nest

I totally agree. If you are serious about breeding Goulds, there is only one way to go and that is to have the pairs in breeding cages.
I feel that is much more intimate, because you know exactly what goes on and there will be no confusion on who the parents are. You will also immediately see if anything goes wrong with your birds. You can check poo every day and see if a bird is not eating well. Also, it is good because you are close to them and that is halfway there in putting them in a show cage. I take the mum away (after about 10 days that they are out of the nest), from the babes and let dad feed them until they are totally weaned, then bring mum back for a second and last clutch for the season.

Very Good! Thank you!Jeanie

Sep 20, 2015
Single pair BETTER than colony breeding
by: Bernie

First, I'd like to thank you Jeanie for your time & effort in responding & helping us lady gouldian enthusiasts. I want to tell you that I've tried breeding all 3 pairs in one cage (3x6 ft). Two pairs have had 2 clutches each but for some reasons, they all died. It seemed like other pairs bothered/invaded other's nest. But since I separated each pair in their own cage, now I have a successful clutch from 2 pairs so far. Hopefully they will continue to do so! Have a great day!!!

Thank you for your kind words. I have been overwhelmed by the responses to my book and website and I apologize for being so late in responding. I have made plans to not have that happen in the future. Jeanie

May 29, 2015
Colony or pair breeding
by: Adrian

If you are serious breeding and genetics, there is no other way but to breed them in breeding cages or one pair per aviary. This is a fact as I have seen so many time a different cock mating not his own hen. Fact is males will be males!!!!

Yep! and thank you, Jeanie

May 28, 2015
Pair breeding
by: Anonymous

I agree with pair breeding. I don't know what it is about colonies, but everything does seem to get mixed up. I had one pair raise 12 chicks in one season when they were alone.


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