Small clutches.

by jason
(Chiang Mai, Thailand)

My pair of Gouldain Finches are very good parents and hatch out and raise all their chicks to be healthy adults. However, they only every have really small clutches off eggs. The usual number is 2 - 3!

I am breeding a black head with a red head - is that the reason? Should the pair be both the same head colour? They are my only adult pair.

This is their first year breeding. Both birds are about one year old - and very healthy. They get finch seed, spray millet, sweet corn (which they love), greens, home made egg food with shells, cuttlebone, grit and oystershell. Also I add vitamins to the water a few times a week. They are in an outdoor aviary so they can sun bath and its hot as I live in Thailand.

They are not stressed and are very tame - enough to feed from my hand.

Thank you.

Hello Jason,

Please excuse my lateness in answering your question. I have read and come to believe that pairs that have the same head colors have improved breeding rates. That could be your situation. The items that you are offering to them are just great. I would like to be a Gouldian in your aviary. Very good!!!!

I was never emotionally able to separate pairs who raised and cared for their young no matter how many chicks they produced, but whenever I could I would prefer to pair same head color birds. Your birds sound as though they are very happy.

Congratulation and Best Wishes, Jeanie

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