Spray millets

Hi Jean,

Why did you say a word to the wise, don't cut back on spray millets?
I was told to give it to them once in a while, but I do notce that they love them and so I have been giving it to my gouldians more often. Am I right to do this?

Hi Ivette,

How are your birds doing? Are they active and healthy having the additional spray millet? When I was starting out with Gouldians and for years to come I found breeders who advised that spray millet was like a treat and that it was, "too rich," to offer daily. I never understood why that would be true and over time I met a few breeders, (of outstandingly healthy and beautiful Gouldians), who told me they always had a millet spray hanging in their bird cages. Who was I to believe? Right. The breeders with the healthiest birds. Also, I could see how much more exercise and happiness the birds had when there was free millet. I guess that because the birds like it so much some owners must believe it's a kind of candy for them. It's just nutritious millet. Maybe some think it's too expensive to be given freely. Baffling, what some think. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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