sprouted canary seed finches

Do you recommend that I use sprouted canary seed for my finches?

If so, do you have any special recipe mix and method for sprouting the seed?

No, if you are going to sprout seeds for your Gouldians, the only safe way to do it is with seeds packaged and sold specifically for sprouting. Always follow the directions on the container to be sure that the sprouts are safe for your birds to eat. Best of Luck!

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Aug 08, 2012
sprouted seed
by: DAN s wales uk

Hi every one, just thought I would let you know my method for soaked seed. Fill your container up with hot water and a teaspoon of baby sterilizer I use melton, leave the seed in a warm place for 24 hours, drain seed and rinse with warm water, drain the seed through a sieve. Do not have to be too fussy at this point, place the seed back into your container and back to the warm place, warmer the better, leave for at least 12 hours or untill the seed starts to sprout,fill your seed container up with warm water and milton baby sterilizer again and leave it for half hour. Rinse with cold water and leave to drain for an hour or so and your seed will be ready to use at this stage. I use the baby sterilizer because it is so safe and it kills 99% of all germs. Hope I did not bore you all, DAN

Thanks so much Dan!!!!
The baby sterilizer idea is great. I used to put a tiny amount of bleach in with the first soaking, but your idea appeals so much more to me. Jeanie

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