Stopped singing

by JaMarcus

My male gouldian has been singing his heart out the past couple weeks. I recently introduced a female in his cage. The past 4 days he has not sung his song once or even chirped. He has been 100% mute since I introduced the female. Why is this?


I can't say definitively why he stopped singing. I'd like to have a little more information. Have you given the pair a nest box? How are they behaving toward each other? The males will sing to attract the females to breed, too impress them. Having a nest box and providing them with a breeding diet and meeting their other needs for successful breeding are only as much as we humans can do to entice them to breed. There is an entire breeding pattern of behavior or ritual for both the males and the females. At any rate, I think once they have established whether or not they are acceptable as breeding partners to each other that the male's singing lessens or stops for a time. If they accept each other then the male no longer has to sing to her to impress her. He will be ready to move the relationship on to the next level, so to speak. If they do not accept or want to be a breeding pair, their behavior will show that as well. If that's the situation, there will be no reason for the male to keep singing.

Hope this helps. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Jul 08, 2013
hope he can sing
by: shabnam

I hope your male Gouldian Finch can sing very soon.
I hope they have a good relationship.
Best couple for each other.
Your male sing and dance for his beautiful female

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