Toddler finch and newborn finch in the same nest

by Gwen

My toddler finch has been put out of the nest only to return and mom will let him/her return for a short time then he/she is out again. I noticed yesterday two new babies have hatched in that same nest and mom is pecking at them. I found one on the bottom of the cage this morning and the other is still alive in the nest. (I'm afraid it will be a matter of time before I find it on the floor of the cage.) Mom is pecking at this one too. Is it because the toddler returns to the nest or could something be wrong with the babies. Should I remove the toddler finch to another cage? My email is Thank you for any information and help with this matter. Merry Christmas from Louisiana! Gwen Tupper

Hi Gwen,

I think you are probably right the hen is likely to be unable to manage both her juveniles and new chicks. I would take either the chicks and foster them if I had societies set up and ready to care for them or take out the juvenile. Mostly I have seen parental aggression from the male. Anyway there is not much else I can think of to do. I doubt that there is anything else going on. Hope this helps, Jeanie

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Dec 19, 2011
management technique
by: dhiman

hello, this kind of behaviour is very common with the said species, first of all try to establish your own breeding stock according to your requirement that will help you a lot which includes proper food proper medications and correctional habbits. second u can always froster, third try to give the pair a rest time and then try once again by keeping your finger crossed.

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