Tossing/Not Feeding Chicks

by Suzy
(Shreveport, LA)

Hi there, love your site!

I have two pair of gouldians. The first pair have been successful in hatching chicks, but every time the chicks hatch, he tosses them out of the nest. Because of this, I purchased another male for my 50% blue back hen, hoping they would bond, which they did (I will call this the blue back pair). Both pair were nesting at the same time. After candling the eggs, I found that the eggs of the blue back pair were infertile, but the eggs from the tossing male pair were. I switched the eggs, hoping that the blue back pair would successfully raise the chicks. They incubated the eggs just as if they were their own, and hatched two chicks, but after two days they were dead. There was no food in either of their crops and I suspect the blue back pair just failed to feed them!
I plan to take both males to the pet store I frequent, and trade them out for two different males. Do you think this is a good idea? It is such a shame that we humans have bred chick care out of the gouldians...
I have included a picture of the pair that made the 50% blue back, they have both passed.

Hi Lucy,

Pretty birds!! It is such a shame when things don't go smoothly with Gouldian pairs. If you want to try trading in your bird, I don't see any reason not to. I just have never been in a position where I could do that. I have found that raising Gouldians that have the mutation which produces blue backs is often much more difficult.

I hope you can finally obtain a pair or two who are good parents. That is so enjoyable to watch and it is such a disappointment when things don't go well. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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