Twirling in the Dark

by Ray
(Deefield, IL USA)


One of my one year old Male Gouldians, (Normal, Red Head), has started to twirl as soon as the timed light go off. He is basically fine and active all day and gets both natural sunlight and flourescent). He is eating/drinking fine and is able to fly from perch to perch. What is happening and can this be cured?

The rest of my flock is fine. His parents are unrelated and have not exhibited any signs of twirling all their lives (3 Yrs).

Appreciate your guidance/advice.


Hi Ray,

If the rest of your birds are all doing well, you can know that whatever is wrong is not something that you caused and probably not something you can correct. I wonder about his eyesight? Perhaps he has limited sight in daylight and none at night. I once had a blind Gouldian that I did not know was blind until I put her in an unfamiliar cage where she did not know the perch arrangements.

Sometimes I think since we can see that Gouldians have mutations that effect their feather color, it seems logical to me to think that there could be other mutations going on with them that aren't visible and aren't necessarily good mutations.

The only thing I can think to try would be to place a night light near his cage to see if that will help him to calm himself.

I wish I could be more help. Jeanie

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Jul 11, 2011
Calming with a nightlight
by: Ray

Thanks for the tip Jeanie! I will put a night light in the aviary and will let you know how he responds at night.

Again, Thanks for taking the time to repond to my post.

It is my was my great pleasure. I await your news. Jeanie

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