two pairs breeding in the one box.

by tarsha
(qld australia)

i have a colony aviary with 3 pairs and a couple of juvenile offspring at the moment i have chicks that are about one to two weeks old in a box and have found that another pair have layed eggs in the front compartment of this box. My question is will the mother with the chicks abandon them and should i remove the other eggs?

Hi Tarsha,

Wow! that's a new one for me. How big is your nest box? Can and are the parents of the young chicks able to get to them. Are the parents still feeding the chicks and keeping them warm? Are any of the parents fighting?

If all is peaceful and you can observe that the chicks are being fed, I think I would leave well enough alone and just watch for aggression from either set of the parents. If you remove the second pair's eggs, what is to stop them from just laying more? You could separate the pairs completely from each other. Giving the second pair a cage and a nest box of their own. From the day the first egg was laid, I count 21 days and that becomes my projected hatching date for the eggs. I also count, from the date the last egg was laid, 16 - 18 days for a possible hatching date. If all goes well, by that time your juveniles could be fledging. I think because there has not been any aggression that I would go along day to day and see how the pairs are treating each other. At the first sign of trouble or irritation between the parents. I would separate the pairs as I said above.
I hope you will let us know what you decide and how things unfold.

Many thanks for your contribution, Jeanie

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